What start-up’s say about Economy2dot0

Over the course of 2014/2015, I have met with about 30 start-ups. Here are the views of a few of them I have helped to shape their businesses and find financing.



“About a year ago, we contacted David to help us with our Crowdfunding Campaign. I remember our first meeting as a bit overwhelming. We were expecting general tips and trics to manage a successful crowdfunding campaign, But in reality it was an eye-opener on many fronts and helped the development of Little Food a lot.

N ViaeneMost consultancy will give you copy paste work, you will get general information which is applicable to all company’s. David however is a great listener and he has a quick analytical mind. Already from the first meeting we had the feeling he understood the problems and the challenges of Little Food and gave direct, clear, understandable and personal feedback. We understood the value of the meetings with David and so the quickly subject of these sessions turned from organising a crowdfunding campaign towards the very core of our buisness.

When you meet intelligent people with a lot of experience they often place themselves above you. They will blow you away with information and you get the feeling they will impose you there methods and strategies because they know by experience that’s how things work. With David you will also get blown away by information and he perfectly knows how things work. But you will never have the feeling he is imposing or placing himself above you. What makes David such a great help is that he is driven to help you and he is not to proud to listen.”


Le Champignon de Bruxelles 


“David and I worked together on the preparation and launching of my first crowdfunding campaign.

David had tremendous ideas and advises and was always very supportive in our daily tasks.

Beside the success of our campaign, David helped us consider our project as a business, and give us the essential tools to develop it”




Kimon“Since I have know David, he has always struck me as a person who could always keep his head in all situations. In addition one of his greatest assets is his ability to focus on the essence of an issue and construct plausible scenarios to mitigate risk.

Over the last year I have had the chance to collaborate with David with regard to Crowd-funding and he has been invaluable in his clarity of vision and knowledge. His ability to challenge an assumption, allow creativity whilst offering options adds to the generation of solutions with in a focused structure.

I value David’s ability to source and bring in relevant examples from different fields and his inquisitiveness which leads to rich discussions and the resulting reflections.

David’s quick wits, analytical ability and intellectual honesty makes him my natural choice as a go-to person on all my new ventures”



http://www.myflexypark.be/en/photo benoit

“J’ai apprécié les conseils de David concernant l’orientation à donner à mon projet.

Son expérience financière doublée d’une capacité d’analyse marketing m’a permis de prendre les bonnes décisions sur les étapes à entreprendre pour myflexypark”