There are two reasons why I have launched Economy2dot0

  • to promote the development of a more collaborative economy, particularly in Belgium, using crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and open innovation as tools to achieve that goal
  • to support start-ups and small & medium enterprises (SME’s) to build communities around their businesses using those tools

Reasons why

I believe that customer behaviour is increasingly driven by their own values and not just in seeking the cheapest or even the best product & service they can find. They are increasingly looking for companies which share and promote those values, such as creating positive social and environmental impact and promoting local economic development. They expect them to be transparent, accountable and responsible in what they do.

This change in behavior, together with the growth of access to the internet, is giving rise to new businesses with new business models such as Blablacar, Airbnb, Kickstarter and others. It is also driving existing companies to rethink their own business models and how they engage with customers such as “IBM Innovation Jam”, “My Starbucks Idea” and “Lego Cuusoo”.

This shift is not just happening in the US, UK or Asia but is also developing in Belgium. Are you ready to engage with these changes, to rethink what you do and how you do it and most importantly of all, why you do it?

About me

David profileOriginally from Ireland, I have worked in the financial sector in Belgium since 1998. In that time I have had a wide variety of management positions in program management, marketing, strategy & business development. I have also had the privilege of working for a global co-operative where I experienced both the benefits of building communities around products & services, as well as the challenges of managing complex business ecosystems.

Since February 2014, I decided to transition my skills, knowledge and experience towards the collaborative economy as I would like to create a positive impact on the real economy around me. Since then, I have helped a number of start-ups to build communities around their projects through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. They have used those communities to source ideas, validate business models,  find skills they needed and seek financing. I am currently developing similar activities with small & medium enterprises in Belgium.