Crowdfunding in Belgium

When I speak to people, many have never heard of the platforms and are often surprised that there are so many operating in Belgium. I will try to keep the list as up to date as possible but some platforms may be inactive and new ones appear every month!

Belgian based platforms – primarily equity/capital – where people can lend to businesses for between 5-10% interest – offers all 4 crowdfunding models and is only Wallonia sponsored platform – Brussels based, NL and FR – Flemish based and also available in FR/EN – Flemish and social impact focused – social entrepreneurship focus – focused more on the artistic sector – launched by KBC, the first Belgian bank to launch a platform – rewards based, focus on social impact, recently launched (May2015)

Foreign platforms operating in Belgium – French, largest rewards based platform in Europe – main competitor of KKBB – worlds largest platform who recently launched in Belgium (June2015)





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