Emerging alternatives to capitalism

Happy new year!! Welcome to the first blog of 2016. To get started, I would like to share with you some examples of alternative ecosystems which are emerging and which I believe will inspire new forms of collaboration in Belgium and beyond. Rather than describe them in my own words, I’ll let them do so in theirs:

Cooperativa Integral Catelana (CIC) http://cooperativa.cat/en/4390-2/

  1. Cooperative, as a project practicing the economical and political self-management with the equal participation of all its members. Also, because it takes the same legal form
  2. Integral, to bring together all the basic elements of an economy such as production, consumption, funding and a local currency. And at the same time, because it wants to integrate all the activity sectors necessary to survive: food, housing, health, education, energy, transport…
  3. Catalan because it is organized and works mainly in the territorial scope of Catalonia

To illustrate that this is not just an isolated case of disorganised anarchy, these cooperatives are starting to spring up all over Spain and beyond:

Collaborative economy Belgium

Cooperative Integral Toulouse (CIT) – http://cooperative-integrale-toulouse.org/index.php/page-d-exemple/

La CIT c’est quoi?
En bref
Coopération, car c’est un réseau qui met en pratique l’autogestion économique et politique par la coopération des personnes et groupes impliquées sans perte d’autonomie.

Intégrale, parce que son projet est de construire des services et outils communs pour subvenir à tous les besoins fondamentaux.

Toulousaine, parce qu’elle déploie son activité sur Toulouse et ses alentours dans le souci de favoriser une autonomie locale et de se réapproprier les ressources locales.

Communa Bruxelles – http://communaasbl.wix.com/asbl

These guys featured in one of my very first posts last year and there are still growing and going strong. What may have seemed marginal and anti-establishment a year ago, now seems to fit into a much bigger framework of cooperatives around Europe who are self-organising, creating their own alternative money, healthcare and other services.

These projects are the pioneers of what I believe is an emerging need to interact differently. Rather than changing behaviours within the “old system”, they are reinventing the system. Applying old rules to new systems of functioning doesn’t work.

Enspiral – http://www.enspiral.com


I’m not judging what is good or bad about any of those examples. What I am trying to illustrate is that what seems marginal one year, either becomes more common or dissipates in the years that follow. In the case of alternatives to capitalism, there is evidence that it is growing rather than staying on the margins. It will inspire many new innovative models in the years that come which I intend to keep track of and understand.

Help me grow the audience for the blog this year by sharing with your own networks so they can see what is emerging too.


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